Flippa Recap: Slak.com, Kyro.com, LLLL.com Portfolio, Collarbone.com, Play.info, Friend.info

Some Domains That Sold Last Week F*ckable.com – $4,251 – If you don’t know what the * stands for, here’s your hint: it’s a vowel. Not enough? Vowel shaped like a horseshoe. Area.info – $3,288 – Bidding ended at only $1,888, but the post-auction negotiation got it to a price acceptable to the seller. Slak.com – $3,203 – I’d spell it slack if I heard it on the radio, but the cool startup way is to mis-spell words. Collarbone.com – $3,000 – Sold at the BIN when bidding was at $155. Bonus question – which has more search […]